Friday, 28 August 2015

DealSale App Wishlist

I was contacted by Daisy at DealSale to give their mobile app a try. Unfortunately, their app is not available for my Windows phone, but luckily for me, I have a great friend in Amy as she let me download the app on her phone. I was kindly given a free spend of $20, which also included any postage costs.

I thought I’d put together a little wishlist of things that took my fancy. As these are all from an app, it’s a bit harder to give you specific links, but it’s very easy to search for some of the keywords from the item titles.

These shorts look so pretty and comfy. I've been debating over the skulls or the blue paisley. At only $4.30, I might just go for both!

It might just be because the weather has turned a little cold and wet, but I really fancy snuggling up with a hot chocolate in this jumper dress

How adorable is this kitty print dress? I really like the cat face detail around the short sleeves.

I know, I know, I already have an endless amount of striped clothing, but this one comes with added pretty flowers on the shoulders. A lovely little twist on a classic design.

This sweet lacy cape can transform any dress/top. For when a necklace just isn't enough.

Make sure you come back to see what I decided to order, and to read my full review of the DealSale app.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Dressgal Review

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Dressgal. They wanted to send me some items, of my choice, from their site for me to feature on the blog. I was given a $25 allowance, which also had to cover the postage costs from China to the UK. I managed to get myself 2 dresses and a t-shirt for a grand total of $24.96. This included a shipping fee of $6.41, plus a discount of $0.59. This discount is part of the $200 coupon that is added to your account when you sign up. You can use this as 15% off each of your orders, so that’s a lot of discounted orders!!

Right, so, what did I order?

First up is this Charlie Chaplin inspired top. Who doesn’t love Charlie, eh? This top comes in one size, but it’s baggy, so perfect for a comfortable look. I’d say it would fit up to a size 14 depending on the type of fit you like. I’ve got it tucked into my skirt here, but you can see that it is long enough for me to fold it over the waistband. This top also comes in a variety of other designs and costs just $3.91!

Next up is this arty face dress, it’s very Picasso, doncha think? I’m wearing a size L as they’re Asian sizes which I know tend to come up very small. It’s a little on the short side, but with a pair of shorts/leggings underneath, I feel quite comfortable wearing it out and about. It says the material is chiffon, but it’s a bit thicker than your usual chiffon. It does up with a side zip and also comes in black. It’s currently at a bargain price of $6.73 on the site, but even at the usual price of $11.22, it’s still very cheap!

Finally is this pretty pink dress. Again, I ordered a size L. This one is slightly longer than the previous dress, but still not quite long enough for me to feel comfortable wearing without shorts/leggings underneath. The material of this dress IS chiffon, and it’s lovely and light, perfect for summer. I can also see this getting a lot of wear in the winter, worn as a sort of pinafore over long sleeved tops with woolly tights. I really love the spaghetti straps and open back. It fastens with a little zip at the back. This dress costs just $12.14 but looks and feels like it should be more!

So there we have it. My first review for Dressgal. Although I was sent these items free of charge, all views are my own, and rest assured, they are honest J If you’re looking for cheap, but pretty clothes, then I highly recommend Dressgal. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again!

Let me know if you buy anything, I’d love to see what you order!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

June Gig Round-Up

Welcome to the first of my monthly gig posts! Having recently signed up to Jukely, I thought it would be a good idea to show you how much use I am getting out of it. Some gigs mentioned I had bought separate tickets to. Those with a * I got passes for through Jukely. I’d love to hear any feedback you have on this new regular post I’m planning on doing (more or less writing or photos?). Be sure to check  So, here goes…

Field Day @ Victoria Park

Field Day is a 2 day festival held in East London. We only went on the Saturday, which had a great line up across 10 stages, including Spector, Tune Yards, FKA Twigs and headlined by Caribo. You can see a full post on it here!

 Spector @ The Dome in Tufnell Park

This was mine and Amy’s 3rd time seeing Spector this year (1st at The 100 Club, and 2nd at Field Day). This was also my first time at The Dome in Tufnell Park, which is a pretty good venue! It’s spacious but also small enough to make it feel quite intimate. I’ve never seen a bad set from this band.

Jamie T @ Hackney Empire

This one was pretty special. It was an acoustic set compiled mainly of b-sides and songs that Jamie rarely gets to play live. He even suited up for the occasion! If you know who Jamie T is, then you’ll know that’s quite a rarity in itself!

The Strokes @ Hyde Park

The Strokes’ set was a little bit of a disappointment due to the sound. Temples and Beck, however, were brilliant! You can read the full post here!

Blur @ Hyde Park

This day at BST Festival was much more successful, despite the rain! Apart from Blur, a highlight of mine was Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – so talented! You can read the full post here!

Fleetmac Wood @ XOYO*

The first of the Jukely gigs having signed up earlier that day. This was a great introduction to this new service. You can read the full post here!

Idina Menzel @ Wembley Arena

My friend Russell had a spare ticket to see the voice of Frozen’s Elsa, so I thought, why not?! I’m a sucker for show tunes and Idina is all about them having made her name on Broadway in Wicked and Rent. She mixed it up a bit with a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ and Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s ‘Give It Away’.

Mod All Dayer @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen*

A whole day of Mod music? Yes please! Most of the day was a variety of DJs playing a mix of Mod and Northern Soul, with bands starting from 6pm, including Sisteray and The Purple Heart?? I even dressed up for the occasion and you can read my full post here

Rhiannon Giddens @ Islington Assembly Hall*

I grabbed passes for this gig on a bit of a whim, having only listened to 1 song. I liked what I heard (hello banjo) so decided to give it a go as me and Amy were both free and fancied doing something fun! Rhiannon was brilliant. Her music would be a very fitting soundtrack for a Western prison movie. Considering the reason behind why I go to so many live concerts, I never in a million years thought I'd meet my special someone at a random gig like this, but that's exactly what happened on this particular night...

Check back for July's gig round-up, very soon!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

British Summer Time (BST) Festival at Hyde Park

This year seems to be my summer of 1 day London festivals. It started in the beginning of June with Field Day. Next up for me was British Summer Time Festival which takes place over the course of 10 days at Hyde Park. I’d been 2 times last year to see McBusted (full post here) and Arcade Fire. This year they had a special offer on selected dates where you could get tickets for 2 of the days at a special price. First up was The Strokes!

Bulmers had their own little cider garden in the corner with colourful sheds that really caught our eye. So, we went over to explore! Each of the sheds had a different game or activity to do. Shed number 1 was mini golf. Ash was far better at this than me! We skipped the second shed as there was a big queue (but keep reading as we visited it a few days later!), so it was straight to the 3rd which had a massive tiny disco inside! It was literally a mirrored room with UV lights, disco ball and club music pumping out of the speakers. Of course we decided to ‘ave it large in there! The next shed contained a karaoke booth, complete with fancy dress items, but again a big queue for that one too! The 5th and final shed was our favourite – a ball pit!! This one was lots of fun with a prize at the end for those successful to complete it. Within the ball filled pit were 7 balls each containing one of the letters to spell out BULMERS. We had 2 minutes to find them all, and we only ruddy done it!! Our prize was some bright yellow sunglasses – how very fetching.

After a spot of grub, we headed to the main stage to catch Beck’s set. BST have a new layout with an inner circle bit around the main stage which they shut off when it gets to full capacity. It wasn’t quite full when Beck came on so we managed to get a pretty good view. Halfway through I left Ash happily bopping along whilst I popped to the loo and then grabbed a Bad Brownie (actually extremely good, don’t let the name mislead you!).

Ash came to find me at the front of the growing crowd for Temples on the Barclaycard Stage stage, who were pretty amazing and probably my favourite act of the day! Once they had finished we headed towards the bar to grab some drinks before the main act hit the stage!

By the time The Strokes were about to come on, the inner circle had reached capacity, so we had to find a spot a bit further out from the stage. The thing with these big gigs at Hyde Park is that the sound is restricted due to complaints from previous years. The speakers sounded quite muffled from halfway down the park so I didn’t feel as into it and I would’ve been had the music been louder past the middle barrier. It’s a shame because it looked like an amazing set from the lights and the crowd dancing around, but it was let down by the low music levels.

My second visit to BST Festival was a bit more successful, even with the downpour…

Amy accompanied me to see Blur headline Hyde Park. As soon as we made it through the gates, I took her straight over to the Bulmers cider garden where we got our hair did in funky coloured chalks in shed 2, raved it up with UV face paint in the tiny big disco in shed 3, before finishing in my favourite, the ball pit! I was well prepared for this one, so we got stuck straight in and managed to find all but one (though one that we did find got knocked back in, but we found it again!), but the guy running this particular shed still gave us the prize as he said we were so funny.

We took a wander around the site and caught our first band of the day, Sugarmen. In the crowd, I’d spotted a guy wearing a rucksack with ‘Kipling’ written across it, so thought I’d crack a cake joke. Turns out Pieter was from Belgium so didn’t get my joke, AT ALL. Nonetheless, we ended up making friends and he joined us over the course of the rest of the day. It was time for some food, and by food, I clearly mean Krispy Kreme doughnuts! They do an amazing Biscoff one which was bloody deeeeelish!

Next, it was off to the Barclaycard stage to see Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. I’m a bit of a fan, hence the tee, so was not put off when it started to pour down with rain. I love watching this talented family. I wish they’d adopt me, though I have no musical talent…  We managed to catch bits of Metric and The Horrors' sets before claiming our place in the ever growing crowd for Blur. There was a much better atmosphere for Blur in the middle of the crowd compared to The Strokes just 2 days before. They played a blinding set which included all their most loved songs that had everyone singing along to, plus some fresh tunes from the new album.

BST is a firm festival favourite of mine as there is so much more than music to be discovered. Plus, I can hop back on the tube home for a shower!

Did anyone else managed to catch one of the days at BST? Who did you see?

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